Deliciously crafted, low sugar alcohol alternatives from Altina Drinks

Deliciously crafted, low sugar alcohol alternatives from Altina Drinks

As we all know, Aussies have a proud culture of socialising.

The founders of Altina Drinks, Christina DeLay and Alan Tse, found that with this culture comes an ingrained expectation to drink alcohol. And if not, "to be relegated to the kids' table with sugary soft drinks, juice or water". No thanks!

In their former careers as consultants, Alan and Christina enjoyed the "perks" of free-flowing booze at lunches, events and frequent after-work drinks. But when they each decided to stop drinking or cut back on alcohol?

"We then discovered that not drinking is not a lot of fun," says Christina. "When socialising, we were stuck with water, sugary soft drinks or juice. Having enjoyed the experience of drinking a beautiful wine or delicious craft beer, we felt we were missing out. We started sharing our experience with others and discovered we were not alone."


When they dug deeper and started asking people, they found that many people didn't want to compromise on the experience, craft, or taste, but they also didn't want to drink as much alcohol.

After doing some market research, Christina and Alan discovered a recently released product called Seedlip. After experimenting with this non-alcoholic spirit, they agreed that an easy, delicious, and well-balanced, ready-to-drink product was completely missing on the market. So they set to work to create just that!

Altina Drinks specialise in flavour driven, healthier alcohol-free drinks. They design, develop, and produce alcohol-free cocktails that are sophisticated and fun – in the name of their mission of changing the way Aussies drink.


Based in Canberra, these are no amateur backyard brewers!

On the contrary, Christina and Alan are award-winning innovators and leaders with deep expertise in business disciplines, finance, and the science behind production. CEO and head of R&D Dr Christina DeLay has a PhD in Biology and Bachelor of Chemical Biotechnology and worked as a technology consultant leading large teams of people before founding Altina Drinks. Alan Tse has a Bachelor of Economics and is a Chartered Accountant, having advised senior public policy officials in his previous roles at the Commonwealth Treasury and in the private sector. A formidable team if ever there was one!

Their complex natural flavours, expertly blended into wonderfully refreshing and satisfying non-alcoholic drinks have to be tasted to be appreciated. Browse the delicious selection of Altina Drinks here.

Perfect for your next gathering, a weekend treat, or as a gift, they're an ideal way to indulge without any regrets!

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