Meet the Murrays: The family team behind Buttonworks

Meet the Murrays: The family team behind Buttonworks

Buttonworks Australia specialises in crafting uniquely Australian timber puzzles, homewares, jewellery and gifts.

Buttonworks pieces are designed and made by the Murrays - a multi-generational family of makers on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Liz and Mike Murray and two of their daughters, Liza and Keli, make up the Buttonworks team. Mother-daughter duo Keli and Liz now work together as the key creatives behind their uniquely Australian products. Inspired by Australia's beautiful and diverse flora and fauna, Buttonworks pieces have a natural, calming colour palette. They are beautiful design pieces in their own right.


The team's inspiration from nature, and respect for our natural resources, runs deep throughout everything they do.

"The real work has been done by the tree", says Keli, "we just add the craftwork".

They choose to make their products from a renewable, sustainable resource. "We use a variety of Australian timbers, which adds unique character to our products," says Keli. Their timbers are sustainably harvested and genuinely Australian – a fact they are very proud of.

Being proudly Australian Made, the Buttonworks Australia team believes that Australian Made is about supporting a greater network of people. "Our family, our employees, our local timber and packaging suppliers, our posties, our communities and our environment. We're all just a piece in this puzzle," they say.


Their puzzles and memory games make fantastic gifts for a variety of ages.

They're just perfect for children who are a little harder to buy for! As for the adults – there's plenty to choose from in the Buttonworks Australia range. Their jewellery and accessories have a distinctly Australian feel and make for gorgeous gifts (including gifts to yourself – the best kind!).

Their homewares range is stylishly designed with a warm and natural feel. Trivets, placemats, and decorator items are adorned either with a pop of colour, via imagery of native flora, or in the theme of the Australian bush. Their timber notebooks are fantastic keepsake items and would make an excellent gift for either adults or children.

And we can't forget the Christmas range!

From Aussie bush Christmas themed ornaments to cards – Buttonworks Australia has got so much to choose from. Their pop-up Australian native gum trees - bursting with wildlife - make an excellent table-top alternative to a regular Christmas tree.

And gifting these products couldn't be easier. With online shopping in mind, their products are designed to be lightweight, safe to send overseas, and postage friendly – another great reason to support this fantastic small, family-run business!

Shop the Buttonworks Australia range right here on the Handmade Online Marketplace.

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