The Canberra Distillery: Putting Their Hearts into Every Bottle

The Canberra Distillery: Putting Their Hearts into Every Bottle

Are you a lover of handcrafted gin and boutique distilled spirits? If yes, The Canberra Distillery is probably a familiar name to you already.

Yet to be acquainted? Let us introduce you to some of the finest handcrafted spirits in all the land!

The Canberra Distillery has an almost cult-like following among those in the know, and for very good reason. They have a signature range of gins, each entirely unlike any other on the market.

There's no shortage of new flavour profiles to try with variations like French Earl Grey Gin, Summer Gin, Canberra Fog Gin, and Winter Gin! But it's not just gin. They also make a range of vodka, including Passionfruit (yum!) and a super popular and delightfully pink, Musk Vodka.


Not into Gin or Vodka? No worries.

How about mixing up a tasty beverage using their unique Negroni blend? They say, "To be true to its origins, our barrel-aged Negroni uses a red wine from the Canberra region as its base before being distilled with juniper and more than a dozen other herbs. It is blended with vermouth and bitters and aged with heavily charred oak. It is best served on the rocks, with a dash of soda, a wedge of orange and a burnt stick of cinnamon". Um… Yes, please!

There are other specialty liqueurs on offer, including a zesty Limoncello, smooth and seductive Butterscotch Schnapps, and a punchy Coffee Liqueur that'll knock your socks off (in the best way possible!).


So, who is responsible for this distillery wizardry?

That would be Tim Reardon, a one-time high-level economic analyst often seen in the halls of Parliament, now an expert spirit whisperer. Tim says his heart "belongs in a distillery, boiling, flocking, experimenting, and tasting the myriad possibilities of spirits". So, it's fair to say you can taste a little bit of his passion in every bottle of boutique spirits he makes!

In business, Tim says he leads "first with the head, then with the heart", but the quote is applicable in more ways than one. "You see, the first alcohol from the still is called the heads. It's undrinkable. The higher boiling temperature alcohols are called the tails. These have a bitter taste," explains Tim. "But hidden in the middle of these lesser alcohols are the 'hearts'. These hearts are the sweet alcohols and the only thing we use to create our award-winning spirits," says Tim.

The Canberra Distillery's spirits are carefully handcrafted in Canberra, sourcing many ingredients from surrounding regions. They're big supporters of other local businesses in Canberra and delight in collaborating with them.

If you haven't tried The Canberra Distillery's incredible range of spirits yet, we can highly recommend you do!! Pop on over to their store profile pronto and get ready to be impressed!

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