Original Spirit Co: Unique Spirit Creators Who Deliver on Flavour

Original Spirit Co: Unique Spirit Creators Who Deliver on Flavour

Have you ever tried "flavoured" spirits and wondered where on earth the flavour was?

Or perhaps they claimed to taste like one thing, but they were nothing like the description? Don't worry, we hear you, and we don't want you to waste another second (or dollar!) on those pretenders!

Not when craftspeople like Original Spirit Co. exist!

Original Spirit Co. are makers of some of the most delicious, full, real flavoured spirits on the market today.

Tucked away in Somerville, an old orchard town just south of Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula, is the home of Original Spirit Co. – an award-winning distillery specialising in the production of gins, liqueurs, and traditional German-style spirits.

Family owned and operated, Original Spirit Co. are best known for their premium Ginfusions – delicious blends of gin and locally sourced botanical ingredients. From bright and zesty citrus, traditional elderflower with botanicals, or locally farmed rhubarb from their community, Original Spirit Co.'s Ginfusions are a unique and delicious way to enjoy Australian-made boutique gin.


Sourcing the best organic and wild-crafted ingredients, they use traditional and modern distilling techniques to produce their range.

They take a hands-on approach to all aspects of the business – from preparing and mixing ingredients; running and cleaning the stills and vats; to test distilling, bottling, labelling, and packing. Christof, Barbara and their dedicated team produce everything on-site with great care and intention.

Their range, which offers nine unique gin products, includes a Classic Dry Gin and their incredible range of Ginfusions.

With flavours like Summer Peach and Passionfruit, Fresh Apple with Brazilian Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate, and Blood Orange and Japanese Yuzu – there's a flavour profile to suit all tastes.

Delicious on their own, or as the basis for some incredibly delicious and decadent cocktails, Original Spirit Co.'s Ginfusions are perfect for any occasion. Gin not your thing? That's OK! They make a fabulous German-style digestive – their Harvest Blend EXQ, a spiced Tawny Port, and a delicious Limoncello that must be tasted to be appreciated (hello, lemony deliciousness!).


Why are the flavours of Original Spirit Co.'s drinks SO distinct and SO delicious?

It's all in the preparation, they say. "Our Ginfusions taste just as described on the label. The flavours are full, real, and natural due to our processes. "From hand-cutting rhubarb and ginger for our Country Rhubarb Ginfusion to preparing real elderflower blossoms for the Lemon Myrtle Ginfusion, our beverages are handmade, all real, using full-flavoured ingredients," says Christof.

The gorgeous labels and presentation make them the perfect gift. However, they'll sit right at home in your liquor cabinet, too, so don't be shy about spoiling yourself!

Find the delicious range here - your taste buds will thank us later!

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