Everyday wearable art with Pip Keane Design

Everyday wearable art with Pip Keane Design

Here at HOORAY!, we think there is so much to appreciate about handmade jewellery.

For one – it's tough to make tiny, beautiful things from precious metals by hand! It's a skill that takes years to perfect. This fact alone makes wearing a handmade piece feel much more special than a mass-produced piece. Each piece bears the mark of its maker, telling a story far more interesting than a perfectly symmetrical, commercially produced, machine-made piece.

Today we're featuring one of our favourite Australian jewellery designers, Pip Keane. Pip's handmade jewellery pieces are a perfect example of the beauty of handmade jewellery.

Her designs are tactile, organically shaped, and are unlike anything you'll find behind the counter of a chain store.


Pip's design journey began more than 25 years ago when she studied for her bachelor's degree in Visual Arts, majoring in silversmithing.

Soon after, she opened her studio, designing and making jewellery and hollow-ware.

All those years of experience are evident in Pip's work. She gives considerable thought to comfort, flexibility, and beautifully integrated designs, and she has truly perfected her craft. For example, her signature neckpiece design has clever catches with sliding, interlocking components, giving the wearer flexibility when wearing the piece. Depending on the occasion and the outfit, they can be worn long or short.


Pip designs statement pieces with real wow factor, items that can only be described as wearable art.

The presence of her work in galleries around the world is evidence of this. But her pieces are not just for people who appreciate high-end art. Her gold and silver creations are beautiful and stylish everyday fashion accessories.

They can transition seamlessly from casual daywear to a glamorous night out. Her earrings are light enough to wear all day and well into the night - they'll be sure to make a statement!

Inspired by nature, Pip's designs combine clean-cut geometric shapes and more organic structures. This results in a unique piece we know you'll love for years to come.

Her pieces make for a truly special gift, and she gladly offers free gift wrapping. A browse through Pip's creations is a treat for the eyes, and we're sure you'll appreciate her designs as much as we do!

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