Shannon Dwyer: Where Art and Conservation Meet Up (& Do a Happy Dance!)

Shannon Dwyer: Where Art and Conservation Meet Up (& Do a Happy Dance!)

We believe that celebrations take many forms, and perhaps one of the most overlooked is the celebration of the everyday.

Things that we might take for granted, like the beauty found in nature, the beauty of time spent with loved ones, or the beauty of a well-designed space.

Shannon Dwyer is a Sydney based artist who knows how to celebrate beauty in the everyday and is someone who lives and breathes her art. “Art is an extension of myself,” says Shannon. “If it weren’t my profession, I’d be doing it, regardless!”. This dedication to her craft is evident in her extensive body of work. Her pieces feature a range of native animals, painted in a spirit of fun and whimsy, with considered colour palettes and an eye for design.


While they may appear fun and whimsical, Shannon creates her artworks with a larger purpose in mind.

“I’m constantly surprised by how little Australians know of their own natural flora and fauna. I hope through my art I’m chipping away at that, artwork by artwork,” she says.

She’s passionate about conservation and donates a percentage of sales to Aussie Ark or BirdLife Australia. “I paint Australian wildlife in a bid to educate my audience about how varied and amazing Australia’s wildlife is, but also to highlight the fact that we have the number one extinction rate in the world,” Shannon says.

Being environmentally conscious in everything she does is important to Shannon. She seeks Australian-made, eco-friendly materials and likes to keep print runs short. “I never want to mass produce because I don’t want to fill the world with an over-production of ‘things’,” she says.


A mother of two children, and a naturally bubbly personality, Shannon’s artwork reflects this sense of fun.

Painted mostly in watercolour and ink, Shannon’s colourful pieces look just at home in the living room, as they do in a child’s bedroom.

Being a full-time artist is hugely rewarding for Shannon. “Being able to paint and create full-time, watch people’s responses to my work, and receive wonderful messages of thanks and proud art collectors is the best reward!” she says.

Her designs are available as original artworks, art prints of various sizes, notebooks, stickers, and calendars. Adding a little splash of colour and the charm of native Australian wildlife to your home has never been more fun!

We invite you to take a look at Shannon’s incredible work; we’re sure you’ll find something for yourself, a friend, or a child in your life too!

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