ShortHive – Honey like you’ve never experienced!

ShortHive – Honey like you’ve never experienced!

One thing we love in our community of makers is the never-ending creativity and imagination they have. Taking a standard, everyday product and elevating it to the next level makes these people truly special.

The family behind ShortHive are just that. Honey producers for generations, they have taken a humble product like honey and turned it into something unique, interesting, and extremely delicious!

Based on the shores of the Corangamite Lake in southwest Victoria, ShortHive is a family-run affair. The concept for the business came about quite naturally. "One afternoon, we were sitting around the farm table talking all things bee-keeping when someone had the brilliant idea of infusing our honey with different flavours," says beekeeper Greg. "Three weeks later, we were back at that table taste-testing our crazy infusions - lavender, chai, lemon, orange… the list goes on!".


From these early experiments, three flavours emerged as favourites - Salted, Espresso, and Chilli.

They discovered that the saltiness of the Murray River salt, combined with the sweetness of honey, created a butterscotch-like flavour that was perfect with creamy vanilla ice cream. Their Espresso infusion was like nothing they had ever tasted, and they knew it would be a hit. And after multiple tests with different types of chilli, they finally found the right one - Habanero. The delicate sweetness of the honey, mixed with the intensely fiery Habanero chilli, delivered the perfect balance between spicy and sweet. They later added another winning flavour to the mix – Cacao infused honey.


Producing a sophisticated product range with finely tuned flavours and sleekly designed packaging has been a whole family affair.

"Everyone in the family has their role," says Greg. Greg is the beekeeper in charge of building hives, extracting honey, and ensuring the bees have access to the pollen and nectar they need. His wife Corinna takes care of editing, bottling, developing recipes, and establishing a bee-haven garden on her natural, chemical-free farm. Their son Tom takes care of product and business development, and his wife Rachel is the head creative for the business. Their daughter Robyn is across all areas of the business, especially wholesale and sourcing ingredients.

This dream team produces some of Australia's finest honey, infused with exceptional ingredients. Their beautifully presented range of honey gift packs are perfect as gifts and are the ultimate gourmet ingredient in your own pantry.

Shorthive Honey is something that has to be tasted to be appreciated, so why not hop over to their store profile now and choose something delicious to try today?

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