Swede Little Things: Swedish traditional design for Australian design lovers

Swede Little Things: Swedish traditional design for Australian design lovers

Swede Little Things make a range of truly unique, Swedish-inspired unisex jewellery and accessories.

As the name suggests, Swede Little Things has strong ties to Sweden. Founder and designer Helene von Schrenk is originally from Sweden and is inspired by traditional Sami leather craft from the country's north.

Sami leatherwork is a craft that the Sami, the Nordic indigenous population, have been using for centuries. The spun pewter threads are woven and sewn onto accessories and jewellery, often representing different parts of nature and symbols.


Sami leatherwork is traditionally created from reindeer leather.

"Reindeer leather is an ethically and ecologically friendly natural material and a natural product of the Arctic climate," says Helene. Sami communities have been reindeer herders for centuries. "Reindeer herding is a long-standing cultural tradition and forms part of the Sami identity."

Helene sources her leather from Northern Sweden, from these very Sami communities.

The process of creating each of Helene's pieces is highly specialised. "I weave my braids using a spun pewter thread. These braids are then glued and sewn onto leather strips I cut to size. Some traditional pieces are sewn with shed antler buttons, others with a magnetic clasp or a pewter button," says Helene. And bonus - they can be made to measure! "As long as I have a customer's wrist size, I can personalise it, so it's the right fit for them," she says.


Like many successful creative businesses, Swede Little Things began as a hobby.

"I started my craft for fun, making traditional Sami pieces for friends, family and myself," says Helene.

"My mother was born up in the very northern parts of Sweden and was interested in Sami leathercraft, so it was a very natural art form for me to get into," she says.

Now proudly a member of the Australian Made Campaign, Helene's designs have brought a taste of traditional Swedish life to a new Australian audience.

Being unisex, these pieces suit a variety of wearers, and because they're customisable, they make fantastic gifts.

Browse the range here to experience a little taste of Sweden without leaving your home!

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