The Soapstress: Generations of Wisdom in Every Bar of Soap

The Soapstress: Generations of Wisdom in Every Bar of Soap

There's a good reason why we still refer to age-old wisdom, even in this fast-paced modern world.

Going back to our roots, back to basics, and applying the wisdom of people who have come before us makes our lives richer and more meaningful. This is a concept adopted wholeheartedly by soapmaker Grace of The Soapstress.

Grace believes the philosophy behind her business began with her grandmothers. "These women lived their entire lives based on the foundation of natural holistic living and, in doing so, ingrained this value and tradition in me," she says. One of her earliest memories is of her Nonna, hand washing clothes with a bar of handmade soap on a washboard. "Perhaps that's where my love affair with soap began," she suggests.

Each of Grace's grandmothers taught her many things. The importance of cooking with the freshest ingredients; how to garden and harness the power of natural remedies for burns, bumps, and beauty.

Years later, Grace began creating products inspired by her grandmothers for her children, deciding that each product would be truly natural, without exception. From this small beginning, The Soapstress was eventually born.


Today, in Camden NSW, overlooking the family farm, The Soapstress studio produces a range of all-natural, beautifully scented, luxury soap and body care products.

When creating the range, the mission is simple: To educate and energise conscious consumers who will savour our luxury skincare products in their daily wellness rituals. Grace formulates her line with exceptional, natural ingredients, which she hopes will inspire people to live in health and joy – with a softer impact on the planet. What's not to love about that!?

Creating this beautiful lineup of natural products begins with selecting the right organic plant oils.

Each product is then consciously formulated. Grace purposefully chooses individual ingredients, mindful of the effect on both the skin and the environment. Then scents are selected with the intention to create "subtle, yet meaningful moments of indulgence in your every day".


The benefits of The Soapstress handmade soaps over mass-produced supermarket soaps are clear.

The ingredients are simple, gentle, and natural. There are no chemicals or fillers. The recipes are old family recipes, brought to the modern world using modern science to make them as gentle as possible. They're cured slowly and naturally, like soap should be. And they don't dry your skin out as harsh, commercial soaps can.

With no synthetic ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives, they're kind to our waterways, too – a significant consideration the commercial soap industry has overlooked.

If you haven't sampled The Soapstress' gorgeous range of natural soaps and body care, head here now and treat yourself today!

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