Delivery is organized by the supplier, we ask our suppliers to dispatch items within 42-78 hours. Please reach out directly to the supplier for more information in regards to tracking and delivery times.


If you have paid for an item on pre-order, the supplier will reach out to directly for more information on timeframes and shipping costs.

Refunds and Returns Policy

Each Buyer and Seller expressly agrees that this Refunds Policy forms part of the Terms and applies to all goods and services sold via the HOORAY! Marketplace.

Australian Consumer Law - Nothing in this Refunds Policy purports to exclude or impair any rights Buyers have under the Australian Consumer Law.

Returns must be made by original purchaser

All returns must be made by the original purchaser.

Buyers to Contact Sellers Directly

Buyers should contact Sellers directly in respect of returns either via the Buyer’s Marketplace account or by utilising the contact details provided by us.

Return Labels

If the Buyer has registered an account with the Marketplace the Buyer can utilise the returns functionality in the account to notify the Seller of the proposed return and to create a returns label. If the Buyer has not registered an account with the Marketplace the Buyer must contact the relevant Seller to obtain details of where to send the product for the purposes of obtaining a refund or exchange.

Returnable Products

Returnable Products are any products that are not specified as Non-Returnable Products below.

A Buyer may return a Returnable Product for any reason within 14 days of receipt provided that:

(a) the Returnable Product is unused and in its original condition; and
(b) is received by the Seller within 10 days of notice of the return being lodged.

Non-Returnable Products

The following products may only be returned if they are in breach of any warranty or guarantee that cannot be excluded at law (including the Australian Consumer Law):

(a) vouchers;
(b) personalised products;
(c) made-to-order furniture;
(d) underwear;
(e) swimwear with hygiene sticker removed;
(f) software products;
(g) earrings for pierced ears; and
(h) food items that have been opened
(I) skin care products

Seller acceptance of returns

A Seller must accept a return or exchange if a Returnable Product is returned in accordance with the Returnable Products Clause above or if a Non-Returnable Product is returned and is found to not comply with any non-excludable warranty or guarantee (including under the Australian Consumer Law).

If a Seller does not accept a return or exchange it must contact use immediately to discuss the matter.

Request for Exchange or Refund

Where a product is returned by a Buyer and such return is accepted by the Seller the Buyer may request an exchange or refund. Where the Buyer requests an exchange and such exchange is available the Seller agrees to make the exchange as soon as is reasonably possible.

The parties agree that where an exchange is requested because of:

(a) a faulty or incorrect product, the Seller will bear the additional shipping costs; or
(b) a sizing issue or change of mind, the Buyer will bear the additional shipping costs.

Following the receipt of the exchange the Buyer agrees that it has no further claims against us or the Seller in relation to the relevant transaction (unless the exchanged item does not comply with any non-excludable guarantee under the Australian Consumer Law).

Where the Buyer requests a refund the Seller will notify us immediately, providing full details of the transaction including the amount of the relevant transaction. Once the Seller notifies us that the return has been accepted and a refund is to be issued we will process the refund as soon as is reasonably practicable following receipt of such notification. Each Buyer and Seller acknowledges that our sole obligation under this Clause is to process the refund and we will not have any further liability to any Buyer or Seller in relation to any refund or exchange.


Refunds will be issued by us in the form of payment used to complete the transaction. For example, where a transaction has been paid for:

(a) via PayPal, the applicable amount will be refunded to the Buyer’s PayPal account;
(b) by credit card, the applicable amount will be refunded to the Buyer’s card; or
(c) using a gift voucher, a voucher or other form of store credit will be issued.

Buyers agree that upon receipt of a refund from us the Buyer has no further claims against us or the Seller in relation to the relevant transaction.


Any disputes between Buyer and Seller in relation to refunds or exchanges should be notified to us. The Clause outlined under Disputes between buyer and seller of the Terms will apply to any such disputes.

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